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Pirus-The nano dream machine

2050, The Trimity( from Sare Jahase Achcha ......Boleto "N" Idiots)after accomplishment of "Operation Surya Shakti Project" which led to Sujalam Suphalam, Malayaja Sheetalam, Sasya Shymalam (greenery, prosperity and happiness) throughout  India and most parts of the world proceeded towards another adventurous, thrilling project called "Pirus" for the betterment of whole mankind.
In 2002 when the renowned novelist Michael Crichton (Author of Jurassic Park) published his techno thriller "Prey" he would have never ever imagined that decades later his thoughts would be personified and world would witness the nano robotic avatar Pirus but this time as a saviour of the world.
Trimity was busy working on Operation Pirus in the tunnel laboratory. They were trying combinatorial biology for biosynthesis. The generation and selection of large number of ligands for high throughput screening thus paving way for molecular evolution. Soon a library of molecules …