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Hiss- The Kiss of Serpent

Jennifer Lynch’s Hiss could have become another Bollywood blockbuster directed by Hollywood director but for the music. The snake story is one of the popular themes of Indian Cinema from ancient times. Lot of mythological believes have been associated with the theme and numerous stories have been written. Of course the 1970’s Nagin and 1980’s Nagina proved to be mega hits and rocked the theatres. The success behind these movies was of course the dramatic story which was new for the Cine goers, the lyrics and finally the music which is the heart of Indian Cinema.

In all the Serpent stories the most common noticeable facts are –

Revenge: If the male is killed the female mate will anyhow take the revenge, of course the female traces the audit trail from the recording in the male serpent’s eyes.

Ichadhari: The serpent may be Ichadhari literally meaning can change its physical appearance to any form depending on its will.

Mani: Popularly known as Nag Mani is considered to be one of the p…